Thursday, September 28, 2006

Target Management is getting mature

The Eclipse Target Management Project passed its 1.0 Release Review yesterday. Though the slides (PPT | PDF) were not actually presented in the review phone conference, they are an interesting read and outline the state and scope of the project very accurately.

Officially, passing the Release Review means that the project is considered healthy in terms of the communities it has acquired, and that it's been dealing correcly with Intellectual Property: the project is allowed to exit Validation (Incubation) Phase and become an "official" Eclipse Project. As part of getting mature, the project has documented a lot of its processes, which has been helpful for other projects to read, too.

In terms of code, the project delivered RSE 1.0 Milestone 5 last week and has just completed its first Coordinated Release Test. 11 testers from all communities - commiters, contributors and users - took part in this test effort, which was facilitated mostly through the Ecipse Wiki: an approach that played very well and might also stand as example for other projects.

A series of release candidates is going to follow, culminating in RSE 1.0 on October 20. If you'd like to join the test team just make yourself heard on the mailing list!

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