Monday, July 09, 2007

DSDP-TM / RSE critical patch release

The Eclipse DSDP Target Management Project submitted a critical patch release of its Remote System Explorer (RSE) on Friday Jul 6. TM fixes the following issues by changing 6 lines of Java code compared to TM 2.0 released with Eclipse Europa:
  • bug 192741 - RSE: Moving a folder from within a ZIP Archive doesn't work if > 1 level deep: This bug is relevant when using the RSE archive handlers in order to manipulate ZIP archives on the Local or DStore hosts. The bug could lead to loss of data because moving files out of an archive would delete the files in the archive although they were not extracted properly before. This bug has been fixed.

  • bug 194204 - RSE FTP: Renaming Files/Folders moves them sometimes: This bug is relevant when using RSE FTP in order to rename files on a remote FTP host. Because the current directory was not considered properly, renaming a file could move it to a different location, without checking what files are at the other location. If a file with the same name as the one being renamed already existed at the incorrect target location, that file could be overwritten without notice, leading to loss of data. This bug has been fixed.
Users of TM / RSE 2.0 are strongly encouraged to get the patch release in order to avoid potential loss of data when using the RSE FTP or Archive Management functionality. The new bits are available either by download, or by choosing Help > Software Updates in Eclipse. When using the dstore protocol, an updated server must be downloaded and installed.

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Anonymous said...

I just started using RSE and it's a revelation! I can edit files in my remote SVN working copy in place, then issue SVN commands from the shell. It's brilliant! Long way to go, but useful for my use case right now.