Friday, March 14, 2008

Target Communication Framework (TCF)

I'm speaking at EclipseCon 2008A year ago at EclipseCon, I've been asked a lot whether there wasn't a lightweight Open Source agent for resource-constrained communications with remote systems planned or available.

And now it's here - and much more! The Target Communication Framework (TCF) is not only an extendable agent, it's a whole protocol framework that has the potential to make target communications a lot easier. TCF is a new incubating component of the Eclipse Target Management Project, and its unique benefits include
  • Transport-independent multiplexing of multiple services over a single protocol
  • Ability to transparently add 3rd party value-adding services in the communication chain
  • Auto-discovery and single setup of all target services.

As you can see, all communication links can share the same protocol, simplifying connection setup and allowing transparent tunnelling without unnecessary protocol conversions. In fact, any 3rd party vendor can contribute a value-add server to do transport conversion from a standard TCP/IP channel into custom channels such as JTAG or even proprietary hardware connections: all services can immediately route through the new transport and take immediate benefit of the value-add.

Besides Wind River and Eclipse, the association is also actively working on TCF as a potential emerging standard. If you work in the embedded space, consider joining the effort now to discuss your unique needs!

If you want to know more, join me at EclipseCon for the TM Tutorial on Monday at 1:30, the TM Short Talk on Thursday at 11:10 or the DSDP BOF on tuesday at 7:30pm - or simply drop us an E-mail or browse the TCF online documentation.


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