Monday, May 26, 2008

Calling All Users!

We've got a request on the DSDP PMC to help a university grad student with an open source adoption study. We need to conduct a quick survey of DSDP projects used in commercial products. Are you adopting any of the DSDP projects commercially? Please let us know with a quick E-Mail to . Your answer will be kept confidential, only statistics will be published. Please include your commercial product's name and version, and the DSDP project(s) you are adopting.

As a reminder, there are several projects in DSDP. Here is the full list:

On the Target Management project, we have another plea to our valued users and adopters: Once again we're conducting a coordinated round of testing, just in time for the upcoming Ganymede release.

The goal of this is to identify those defects that are important to YOU early enough for our 3.0 release. Of course we can prioritize defects only right if YOU find and file them in time, in YOUR specific environment! Just investing 2 hours of your precious time will be well-invested in a TM release that works right for YOU.

The trick of making this testing "coordinated" is to avoid duplication. Since everybody can see what areas others are testing, you can focus on those areas that are specific for you or that matter to you! Please go ahead, and sign up on the TM 3.0RC2 coordinated testing Wiki by editing the page. Or, to make the signup even simpler for you, just send an E-Mail to martin.oberhuber (at) windriver (dot) com to let us know what host OS, JVM version and TM/RSE components you think you could test.

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