Sunday, March 24, 2013

Eclipse Classic now comes with egit included

With Kepler M6, we've added egit and Marketplace Client to the Eclipse Classic package, which is still the most popular of all Eclipse packages. The request adding git to all packages has been open for long, and after driving it with the Eclipse PMC Markus Knauer has helped me make it happen.

You'll get the "New Classic" from the Development Packages Download location, since we're using the Eclipse Packaging Project infrastructure for adding the new components without dependency headaches.

The branding of the new package is not quite like the original Eclipse Classic SDK yet (in fact. the customizations from the org.eclipse.sdk bundle, particularly the Capabilities Preference Page, are missing). If you need those, get the original SDK from the Eclipse project download pages instead.

File a bug against epp/classic if you find any issues with the new package. The history of the new package is on bug 397896 .


dimitribanks said...

Amazing ! This is cool!

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This is cool!

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