Sunday, March 24, 2013

Eclipse Classic now comes with egit included

With Kepler M6, we've added egit and Marketplace Client to the Eclipse Classic package, which is still the most popular of all Eclipse packages. The request adding git to all packages has been open for long, and after driving it with the Eclipse PMC Markus Knauer has helped me make it happen.

You'll get the "New Classic" from the Development Packages Download location, since we're using the Eclipse Packaging Project infrastructure for adding the new components without dependency headaches.

The branding of the new package is not quite like the original Eclipse Classic SDK yet (in fact. the customizations from the org.eclipse.sdk bundle, particularly the Capabilities Preference Page, are missing). If you need those, get the original SDK from the Eclipse project download pages instead.

File a bug against epp/classic if you find any issues with the new package. The history of the new package is on bug 397896 .

EclipseCon 2013: TCF, ARM Debugging and Raspberry Pi

The TCF Agent is Running on Raspberry Pi ! Having ARM Debug support available under EDL / BSD License in Open Source is a great move forward for our TCF project; especially as the Pi is such a cool and neat device!

Mark your EclipseCon calendars if you want to see it:

The initial ARM debug contribution came particularly timely, since it allows us to join the Raspberry Pi Hackathon Monday night at EclipseCon with the Eclipse TCF Project :) Come join us as at the Hackathon, as we try getting single-stepping to work and test the debugger against various use-cases! I'll be particularly keen to look at M2M scenarios, Lua integration for scripting, and getting the out-of-box experience really nice... I've written up quick 15-minute instructions if you want to get TCF on your Pi as well.

TCF Target Explorer debugging ls on the Raspberry Pi
Right now the TCF Debugger supports auto-discovery of the Pi (very nice for headless devices!), attaching processes, basic run-control and breakpoints; sufficient for basic debugging, but we'll want a rock solid, excellent debugger for C and C++.

The initial ARM patch was provided by individual contributor Stanislav Yakovlev, who said:
I was interested in working on a GCC toolchain, but due to complicated legal rules of GNU Foundation, it was almost impossible to get any patches in. I started working on the ARM TCF debug after ELC Europe in Barcelona last year.

With ARM debug support available in Open Source, I expect a lot uptake of TCF this year. In fact, Wind River and Xilinx are shipping first products that strongly build on Open Source TCF; right now I'm updating the TCF Homepage to talk more about these announcements. Check back in a couple days, or if you're at EclipseCon join us for the TCF BoF session on Wednesday at 7, and I'll be happy to give some demos and talk about where TCF is going.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Scripting Eclipse

As many of you may know, I've started a new initiative to get scripting support back home to and unify the fragmented landscape a bit.

Our BoF session at EclipseCon 2012 was pretty well attended. Have a look at our new homepage and eclipse-scripting-dev mailing list if you are interested !

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Help ! Where can I get a deck of Planning Poker cards in Reston, VA ?

Hi all,

I'm in urgent need for one or two decks of Planning Poker cards (to purchase and use tomorrow after EclipseCon). With lots of Agile folk here at EclipseCon, maybe somebody could help me out ?

Ping me by comment on this blog if you have an idea...


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eclipse Scripting BoF

Interested in making it easy to customize Eclipse, adding simple menus or buttons for repetitive tasks without having to code any Java ?
Ever wondered what happened to Scripting initiatives such as Eclipse Monkey, Groovy Monkey, Eclipse Command Shell and others ?
Wondering why Eclipse just doesn't provide editor macros?

Join us for a BoF on Eclipse Scripting here at EclipseCon 2012 - Wed 7.30pm at Regency Ballroom B.

We'll want to collect what approaches to scripting currently exist, why none of them didn't really gain traction so far and what we could possibly do to align and unify.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Call for participation: TM 3.1m5 test pass on 2-Feb-2009

As you're probably aware, the upcoming M5 build of the Eclipse Galileo Train projects is what's going to go on a USB key for EclipseCon. The Target Management / RSE team therefore invites all interested parties to do a test pass on the TM 3.1m5 candidate on Monday, Feb. 2 2009.

Why should you join?
  • If you use TM as a dependency for your offering, you may want to check that the stuff you need works in m5!
What can you do?
  • Just try out the stuff that you'd like to work fine, and file a bug if it doesn't. We'll provide a bug reporting template for you, so it's super fast and easy to participate.
How long will it take you?
  • If you've just got 1 hour for downloading, installing and trying it out that's a very valuable input for us already. Of course you're free to report enhancement requests as well!
Any additional information like the test candidate to download, bug reporting template, and other information will be on the Eclipse Wiki. For any other questions, please contact us on the TM mailing list.

Lastest update (1-Feb): Test downloads have been provided, instructions are updated. Thanks for joining the public test!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Graphical Skills for BugDay requested

I just marked bug 238574 for BugDay (July 25 this month) -- but it's a kind of untypical bug: It's asking for a cool Photoshopped screenshot of RSE to make our website look more sexy.

The bug has been open for a while now, and it looks like we don't have any committers with sufficient skills in image processing software to address it. So, any help from the Community is appreciated! We can offer a prominent place on the TM Website for your works.

All details, examples of what we'd like to see as well as some source material (existing screenshot) are on the bug. First come, first serve -- although we can also make a contest in case multiple proposals are attached...